In order to maintain the structure of Galpão VB and to fund its entirely free, open-to-the-public program, Associação Cultural Videobrasil carries out fundraising projects of various natures, as well as institutional partnership/sponsorship actions. One sustainability strategy is the rental of its space for the hosting of small, medium and large corporate events.

Galpão VB boasts an ample, 800 sq. m. indoor area, with a 6-meter-high ceiling equipped from end to end with a grid prepared for lighting, sound and video. Galpão also offers a small Video Room, a Reading Room with capacity for XX people and free WiFi throughout. The outdoor area features a garden with an open-air arena and a lounge with large tables. Additional facilities include a pantry, a kitchen and large bathrooms. There are 8 parking spots for cars and racks for 4 bikes. The facilities have been designed to meet all accessibility and safety requirements.

For additional information on rental conditions and availability, please write to