For interested researchers and students, we offer a few recommendations that are sure to make your visit more fruitful.

1. The Archive and Research Department staff is available to provide special attention from Mondays to Fridays, 1pm to 6pm, upon previous scheduling by email at at least one week in advance.

2. On the scheduled time, a staff member and one of the Video Library computers will be available to the visitor.

3. Unscheduled visitors will be seen based on availability.

4. All information about Videobrasil’s activities can be found on its website.

5. The Festival and Exhibitions sections contain information about the festivals, shows and exhibitions held by Associação.

6. In the Collection section, you can search all of the items in our catalog by artist name, artwork title or keywords. Previous identification of the artwork or artist of your interest will make it easier for you to view the material afterwards at the Video Library.

7. PLATFORM:VB, an online research and curatorial tool designed to explore and expand on the artworks presented by Videobrasil, including links and references, is available on the Web and can contribute to your research prior to your visit to Galpão. Finally, in our video repository, Channel VB, you will find audio and video documents relating to the memory of Videobrasil, such as statements from artists, curators and researchers, recorded performances, behind-the-scenes footage and documented public programs, among other reference materials.

8. For additional information and/or queries, please contact our team at the same email: