Associação Cultural Videobrasil hereby announces that it is accepting submissions of artworks for the 19th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil, to be held from October 06 to December 06, 2015 at Sesc Pompeia (São Paulo, Brazil).
  • 2.1 The purpose of this call is to invite submissions of artwork(s) of any nature – with no restrictions regarding language, subject or medium –, produced by artist(s) born in or resident for more than five years in countries of the "global South" :
    Asia (click here for the list of not covered countries)
    • Japan
    Europe (click here for the list of not covered countries)
    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • Denmark
    • Finland
    • France
    • Germany
    • Iceland
    • Italy
    • Liechtenstein
    • Luxembourg
    • Monaco
    • Norway
    • Portugal
    • Republic of Ireland
    • San Marino
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • The Netherlands
    • United Kingdom
    • Vatican
    Latin America and Caribbean
    Middle East
    • 2.1.1 Artworks will also be accepted from groups of artists, herein defined as associations of two or more individuals, with no distinctions made as to duos, trios, collectives etc.;
    • 2.1.2 On entering (an) artwork(s) of collective (group) authorship, a representative shall be appointed, with written consent from the remaining members of the group, and said representative shall be the group’s interlocutor with the Festival.
  • 2.3 Each artist or group may submit up to 03 (three) artworks. Participation in this call does not invalidate art project entries.
  • 2.4 The Festival shall not be held responsible for the production of artworks selected via this call.
  • 3.1 The due date for entry is November 16, 2014. Submissions made after the close of deadline, at 23h59 (GMT-3), will not be accepted.
  • 3.2 Festival Registration is free of charge and can only be done online. The following guidelines and steps must be observed:
    3.2.1 Registration
    The artist or group representative shall register a user email and password on the Festival registration page. These data shall be required whenever the artist wishes to check or change any information regarding their registration. Modifications can be made up until the Terms and Conditions have been accepted. Once the Terms have been accepted, no further edits will be allowed.
    3.2.2 Authorship
    The artist or group’s details are to be provided in accordance with the items below:
    • I) Personal details (name, address, contact);
    • II) Short biography of the artist or history of the group [maximum 1,000 characters], including relevant exhibitions, prizes, residencies, scholarships and collections in which their artwork is featured. Groups are advised to submit short biographies of all their members;
    • III) Artist or group’s resume [PDF, TXT, DOC, maximum 2 MB]. Groups are advised to submit the resumes of all their members;
    • IV) Artist or group’s portfolio [PDF, DOC, maximum 10 MB]. Groups are advised to submit the portfolios of all their members.
    • Notice: Ownership of copyrights to the artworks is the sole and exclusive responsibility of each artist or group, including third-party images, recorded voices and copyrights.
    3.2.3 Artwork(s)
    Entrants are to provide information regarding their artwork(s), including technical specifications and any other details required for the analysis and comprehension of the artwork’s assembly, in keeping with the items set forth below:
    • I) Artwork details (title, type);
    • II) Introductory text [maximum 1,500 characters]. It is important to inform whether the artwork has been exhibited in the past, including the place and year of exhibition;
    • III) Technical details, including duration, format, medium, materials, list of equipments, proposal and a detailed assembly scheme (mandatory for installations and video installations), maintenance and conservation needs, among others [maximum 3000 characters];
    • IV) Visual and/or audio documentation of the artwork: links to audio or video files are to be made, in full, available on online platforms, such as Vimeo (, YouTube ( or similar. If using a protected link, username and password are to be provided in the registration form. Artworks in languages other than Portuguese or English are to be subtitled in English.
    • Notice:
      • I. Audiovisual submissions must include a link to the content in full on an online platform;
      • II. The links must remain available until March 1st, 2015;
      • III. The Festival undertakes not to divulge the link or provide it to third parties.
    3.2.4 Complementary materials (attachments)
    Other complementary materials or documentation, such as concept description, dialogue list (in the case of video), images, and other relevant information regarding the artwork, artists or group may be attached in DOC, TXT, PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, up to a maximum file size of 10 MB.
    • I. The attachments do not preclude completion of all fields in the registration form;
    • II. Following the selection process, the attached files will be deleted from any and all databanks belonging to Videobrasil or its associates.
    3.3 Registration confirmation
    • 3.3.1 After completing all fields, the artist or group representative must agree to the clauses in this call in order to confirm their entry, implying full and unrestricted compliance with the conditions set forth herein.
    • 3.3.2 Partially filled registration forms will be disregarded.
    • 3.3.3 Each artwork entered generates a registration number and a confirmation email, which must be saved by the entrant. Only artworks with a registration number will be deemed valid entries.
    • 3.3.4 The Festival does not hold itself responsible for registrations not received due to technical issues: communication errors, server congestion or any other factors preventing data transfer or access to files available on the website.
    • 3.3.5. The artist or group representative shall be held liable for the accuracy of the information and documentation submitted, for providing further proof when required, and for any and all incoming email management tools (filters, anti-spam etc.) that may prevent them from receiving communication sent by the Festival.
  • 4.1 A single artist or group may have more than one artwork selected. Artworks designated as a series will be considered as a single artwork.
  • 4.2 Artwork selection will be undertaken by the Festival’s Curatorial Committee, which is sovereign. Its decision is final and irrevocable, and not liable to appeal.
  • 4.3 The Curatorial Committee will review the submitted artworks on the following grounds: language innovation, originality, depth and intensity in approaching the themes of the call. Preference will be given to artworks that have never been exhibited in Brazil.
  • 4.4 The selection results will be disclosed by March 2015, on the Videobrasil website.
  • 5.1 It is the Curatorial Committee’s responsibility to define how the artworks will be exhibited in the exhibition venue, considering the observations submitted by the artist, and the exhibition set design and furniture for this edition.
  • 5.2 In case of a performance, the number of enactments will be agreed upon with the curatorial team following the selection.
6.1 Of the selected artist
  • 6.1.1 The artist undertakes to obtain clearance of the selected artwork(s) from any and all gallery(ies), museum(s) or collector(s) that may hold rights to the artwork(s) for exhibition during the Festival and subsequent participation in travelling programs.
  • 6.1.2 It is the artist’s responsibility to provide a single address for collection of the artwork within the due date set forth by the Festival production team.
  • 6.1.3 The artists will be invited to participate in Public Program activities, debates and meetings, the purpose of which is to expand upon the themes and contents arising from their artworks.
  • 6.1.4 It is the artist’s responsibility to provide complementary information to meet any and all demands concerning content production and Festival promotion, such as interviews, photographs, images and statements.
6.2 The Festival
  • 6.2.1 It is the Festival production team’s responsibility to assemble and disassemble the artworks in the exhibition venue. Any adaptation of the artwork shall be previously agreed upon with the artist.
  • 6.2.2 It is the Festival’s responsibility to transport and procure door-to-door insurance for the artwork(s), and to ensure its/their integrity for the duration of the exhibition.
  • 7.1 It is the Festival’s responsibility to promote and publicize the artists and their artworks in books, on websites, social media, research platforms (PLATFORM:VB), in documentary films and TV programs.
  • 7.2 As a key exchange and promotion platform, the Festival enables contact between the artists and curators active on the international arts scene.
  • 7.3 Those artists whose video work(s) is/are selected will be invited to become part of the Videobrasil Collection.
  • 8.1 An international jury will be established to select the winning artists and artworks. The jury may also award Honorable Mentions. Its decision is sovereign and irrevocable.
  • 8.2 It is the jurors’ responsibility to award the following prizes:
    • I) Cash prize in the total gross amount of R$ 75,000.00 (seventy-five thousand reals, subject to taxation);
    • II) 9 (nine) Artist Residency Prizes, to be undertaken in the year following the Festival (2016/2017), for a period of two months, in one of the Videobrasil Residency Network partner organizations, to be defined in due time. Should an artist group win the prize, a representative shall be appointed to undertake the Residency.
  • 8.3 The winning artists will also be awarded the Videobrasil Trophy, designed by leading Brazilian contemporary artists for each Festival edition. Only one trophy is awarded per artist/group.
  • 8.4 Video works awarded Prizes or Honorable Mentions will be incorporated into the Videobrasil Collection pending the permanent transfer of copyrights to the artwork(s) for use in the Collection and in promotional material by Associação Cultural Videobrasil. Artworks in other media shall remain at the disposal of Videobrasil on an as-required basis for the period of one year, counting from the end of the Festival, and for inclusion in the Traveling Show of Winning Works.
  • 8.5 The prize winners will be announced at a ceremony during the Festival’s opening week.
  • 9.1 The selected parties shall assign to Associação Cultural Videobrasil the rights to their artwork(s), image, and voice, as well as usage rights to excerpts from their artwork(s) for transmission, broadcasting and archiving in digital audiovisual systems, for strictly cultural, institutional or promotional purposes and/or for Festival promotion. The selected parties shall enter into a specific agreement for these purposes.
  • 9.2 Confirmation of registration implies full acceptance of the rules set forth herein.
The following are not eligible for participation:
  • 10.1 Employees and interns at Sesc-SP or Associação Cultural Videobrasil and their families (spouses, partners, offspring, dependents, relatives to the third degree, and the like).
  • 10.2 Members of the Curating Committee and their families (spouses, partners, offspring, dependents, relatives to the third degree, and the like).
  • 10.3 Persons (natural or legal) hired for the production of the Festival.
  • Notice: Entries by persons falling under any of the criteria above shall be invalidated at any stage of selection.

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