She lives between Ludwigshafen and Berlin, Germany, and Nairobi, Kenya. She uses video techniques, does performances and creates multimedia installations. Took part in several exhibitions such as: Africa Remix (2004); The Soul of A Woman, Women's Panorama Art Exhibition of Zanzibar International Film Festival of the Dhow Countries (2004); Looking Both Ways, Art of the Contemporary African Diaspora (2003); Ves Rencontres de la Photographie Africaine, Bamako (2003). Rites sacrés / Rites profanes (2003); 25ª Bienal de São Paulo, Iconografias Metropolitanas (2002); Video-Zone, The Ist International Video-Art Biennial in Israel, (2002); XIX Video Art Festival (1998). Since 2005 chose to accredit all of her works authorships to the duo Mwangi Hutter, which is a partnership between Ingrid and her companion Robert Hutter.

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