Musician, composer, singer and arranger, regarded as one of the electronic music pioneers in Brazil. He moved to São Paulo at age 16, in 1975, where he completed his secondary education. At that time he formed his first band, inspired by progressive rock. The following year he attended synthesizer courses taught by the musician and composer Luiz Roberto Oliveira at the São Paulo Art Museum. In September 1979 he travelled to California, where he remained for a year studying English and attending Electronic Music and Cinema classes at the San Diego State University. During that period he came into contact with the Rock and Punk scene, and the beginnings of the New Wave movement. Back in Brazil, he formed the band AGENTSS, alongside the guitarists Miguel Barella and Eduardo Amarante, in which he played synthesizers and sang in his own language, called Elektrotranslyriks. Later on, he developed several photography, video, and music projects. Lives and works in São Paulo.