B.A. in Mass Communications at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Venezuela, he completed a M.F.A in Film at Syracuse University, New York. His film career has been divided between the direction of TV spots and the making of his own film and video projects. He has obtained several awards in his country and abroad, been particularly relevant two places as a finalist in the Festival Iberoamericano de la Publicidad and one in The New York Film Festivals. He has directed the shortfilms Centrípeta (2011), It Rains (2007), Seamstress (2001), Essay (2000); the video-art pieces Seawash (2001) and Cervical Song (2005) and the short documentary called On the Back of the Whale (2008). He was awarded with the Caracas City Hall Shortfilms Award in the Best Film, Best Directing and Best Editing categories. He participated at the 13th Videobrasil International Festival, São Paulo, 2001; V Pirelli Festival for Young Artists, Caracas; 1st International Biennial of Video-Art of Israel; Ve-Corto Ve-Largo 2008 Venezuelan Film Exhibition, Barcelona; and in the 1st Latinamerican Film Congress, in Mexico. He was founder artist of the Multimedia Center for the Arts in the Contemporary Museum of Caracas.