Filmmaker and visual artist. Her videography is characterized by an equal treatment of subjective aspects (the characters, narrators etc.) and of the settings where the films are made. Earned a degree in Social Communication from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), in 2000.  She was the co-director, screenwriter and editor of the short film Silêncio  (2005); and the director (alongside Helvécio Marins Jr.) and editor (with Karen Harley) of the short film Trecho (2006), which won a prize in the Brazilian Ministry of Culture’s short film contest in 2003, and the II Associação Curta Minas Stimulus Prize. Campolina also directed the medium-length film Notas Flanantes (2008). She is a member of the Teia collective, along with Leonardo Barcelos, Sergio Borges, Pablo Lobato, and Luana Melgaço. Lives and works in Belo Horizonte.