Writer and filmmaker. At age nineteen he moved to São Paulo intending to study Engineering at the University of São Paulo, but ended up studying Social Sciences at the same institution. While in college, he directed the documentaries Universidade Em Crise, in 1966; Um Por Cento, in 1967; and Vila da Barca, in 1968 – winner of the Best Film prize at the Leipzig International Film Festival, in Germany; all these films were highly political and contestatory. In that same year he went into clandestinity and joined the armed resistance. He was arrested and spent five years in prison, during which he was a torture victim. These experiences led to his writing the novel Em Câmera Lenta, released in 1977, for which he was once again arrested for a month, after which he was charged with inciting subversion, a charge he faced out of jail. In 1982 he made the documentary film Linha de Montagem, about the then-thriving union movement in the ABC region of São Paulo. In 2006 he released the children’s novels Carapintada, A Infância Acabou, and Queda Livre. Lives and works in Campinas.