Coordinated by actress and director Juliana Saúde Barreto, the group stages theater plays and makes videos featuring people with psychiatric conditions. The group emerged in 2002 at public mental health centers in Belo Horizonte, which the actress had been invited to work in recognition for her activities in the anti-mental hospital movement. Counting on twelve members and help from other artists interested in the work, the group was initially called Companhia Momentânea de Teatro (the Momentary Theater Company). Two years later they detached themselves from government and started counting on support from Galpão CineHorto – Centro Cultural do Grupo Galpão. The group adopted its current name in 2004, when they made the namesake film Sapos e Afogados. In 2006 they made the video Material Bruto, directed by Ricardo Alves Júnior, which earned them sevel prizes and featured in the competitive show of the 16th Electronic Art Festival SESC_Videobrasil. In 2012 they celebrated their 10th anniversary with a Retrospective Show at Belo Horizonte’s SESC Palladium.