Jorge Amaolo is a filmmaker, cultural manager, professor, and audiovisual producer. In 1992, he was the founding partner and chairman of CECICO Ltda., Argentina’s first cooperative for the teaching and production of cinema and video. Between 1986 and 1989, Amaolo focused on educational projects for native peoples in Argentina and Bolivia. He is a former director of the cinema school at the Instituto Universitario Patagónico de las Artes in the town of Fiske Menuco. He represents of the Playing For Change Foundation, in the Argentinian state of Río Negro, and the Movimiento Nueva Escolaridad. He is currently in charge of the Escuela Rural Área Protegida, in Paso Córdova, Patagonia. The project fosters socially vulnerable children and youths, promoting an education which is integrated with the local ecosystem. Jorge Amaolo lives and works in Paso Córdova.