In the essay he wrote for this edition of FF>>Dossier, producer and professor Cezar Migliorin of PUC-Rio defines Roberto Bellini's Landscape Theory as a video that is “all about patience.” “The video is not aimed at provoking an uncommon, radical experience such as a fight, but rather at letting the conversation flow,” he wrote. “How far is this thing going? The patience and cleverness here lie in allowing the text to go beyond the realm of communication, vibrating a state of the world.” Holder of a degree in advertising from PUC-Rio, Migliorin studied film editing at the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français, Paris, between 1991 and 1993, and specialized in Communication and Culture-Image Technology at PUC, Rio de Janeiro. At the moment he is preparing a doctoral thesis at UFRJ, and is also a scholar at CNPq in Paris, where he lives. An experienced film editor, Migliorin has been publishing his reflections on audiovisual production in film magazines, such as the recently launched Cinética (, and putting out intriguing video productions as well. Works such as Ação e dispersão (2002) have been awarded at festivals and exhibitions. This confluence of references combined with a crossover between different areas of audiovisual production gave birth to Migliorin's essay on the work of Bellini.