Your company can finance activities at Galpão VB, such as exhibitions, projects for the activation and circulation of the Videobrasil Collection, publications, debates and workshops. The financing can be annual or per project allowing, in addition to the exclusive access to our program, the use of Galpão VB’s physical space for corporate events.


  • Empresa Amiga card
  • Exhibition previews at Galpão VB
  • Use of Galpão VB for events*
  • Your company logo in wall texts, printed materials and/or Videobrasil publications
  • Your company logo in Galpão VB’s printed material
  • Your company logo on our website
  • Free access to exhibition previews at Galpão VB for groups of guests of the sponsor
  • Lecture about the VB Collection for private groups

*Subject to Galpão VB’s current schedule.

For further information, please send an e-mail to amigos@videobrasil.org.br