Danilo Santos de Miranda | 10th Festival

The director of SESC discusses the importance of Videobrasil Festival in consolidating the notions of innovation, technology, creativity, and in particular dialogue and interchange between Southern countries


Timothy Binkley | 9th Festival

A guest to the 9th edition, in 1992, Timothy Blinkley expounds his views on virtual reality. Built using computers, virtual reality is defined by abstraction in opposition to the concrete nature of objects


Wesley Duke Lee | 9th Festival

To Wesley Duke Lee, the artist must intervene if video is to become something more than just "a bunch of hardware that is good for nothing..."


Poesia é risco, by Augusto de Campo, Cid Campos and Walter Silveira | 11th Festival

Created in 1996, the "verbivocovisual event", as described by the authors, mixed poetry, electronic music, singing, and video footage