Medeiros recounts the creation and the recording of her video Sérgio e Simone, which won a prize at the 18th Festival. The piece was born out of another work she made in Ladeira da Montanha, a run-down area in Salvador.  There, Medeiros meets the transvestite Simone. A partnership is born out of the meeting, resulting in a video about the area. After some time, upon seeking out the protagonist to get an image use authorization, the artist finds Sérgio, an identity resulting from a mutation process: after overdosing on crack, Simone has a mystical delirium that causes her to reassume her first male identity, and to turn into a fanatic evangelical preacher who demonizes the cult of candomblé – in which she used to partake – and homosexuality. The artist explores the ambivalence of this denial, for while contesting his old condition, Sérgio always carries his prior identity with him, never burying it completely. Finally, the artist discusses the role of human diversity in her work.