The artist talks about his works Bem-vindo, presidente! and DOPS, exhibited in the 20th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil. The installation Bem-vindo, presidente! is based on a compilation of corporate ads published in A Gazeta newspaper from Vitória in 1960–1980. Heralding the link between the Brazilian military dictatorship and the private sector, they are reminiscent of a modern project buried under social inequality and environmental disasters. In the installation DOPS, official documents of the Brazilian Departamento de Ordem Política e Social – DOPS [Department of Political and Social Order] are placed in wooden grooves and made available to be handled by visitors. They are images and extracts from a report on the Concílio de Jovens [Youth Council], a left-wing event organized by social movements and the Catholic Church. The artist states: “The construction of our past and our memory is always under dispute”