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The exhibition featured 80 videos selected from the Video Data Bank, then one of the United States’ leading production companies, with a collection of 2,000-plus titles, which used to host screenings at the most unusual locations, such as Chicago’s drive-in theaters.

The exhibition program was divided into eight different series.



Curator's text Tadeu Jungle

VIDEO. production companies are born. production explodes. the audience digs it. styles consolidate. BRAZIL 86. the artists shoot in every direction. they have drunk in CINEMASZ and the soap opera shown at 8, 7, 6, 5, ZERO! FAIL! there’s no way to air the product. the sensitive video gets no sunlight. it fails to achieve $ucce$$. small circles, festivals & exhibitions. greetings from PT. PMDB, PDS, PDT, PX, PY, POWER? none. living in the embryonic age. sticks, stones, tiles and shards of glass outline the unlikely.

we know nothing about international videographic production. there is no access to publications. the higher education schools provide lower education. carelessness. the demise of a modus kulturalis.

we need to know. what was done. ABC. ezra pound. III videobrasil brought a low amount of information. we need to know.

here we have shown close to 80 American videos. they provide a timeline of what thos artists have done. obtained via chicago’s VIDEO DATA BANK, which holds 2000 titles in its archive, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC of the planet. the programs are group into SERIES: ‘inventing the day-to-day,’ ‘new narrative strategies,’ ‘body politics,’  ‘modern life,’ ‘living the 80s,’ ‘the fiction of science,’ and ‘the science of fiction.’ facilitating a critical view of the various forms of action/reaction in video.

the latter two series present a MIX of art and TV, alternating between slow/fast, simple/complex, low/high vibrating videos. on september 7, 84, VDB showed these two series at a mammoth drive-in theater in chicago. 10,000 people on a summer night took off on a trip into super-post televisual fiction, sticks, stones.

the AMERICAN CONTEMPORARY VIDEO EXHIBITION happens in the name of information. food for alternatives. the search for OXYGEN continues. receiving and broadcasting. FREE INFORMATION FLOW.