Black movement on focus

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posted on 11/05/2012
In the third episode of Isaac Julien series on SescTV

Isaac Julien: Geopoetics, a new series of the Videobrasil on TV program, will feature seven of the artist’s key films on SESCTV, from the seminal Territories (1983) to Derek (2008), paying tribute to this founding father of British independent cinema. In exclusive statements to the program, Isaac Julien comments on the featured films and discusses their main issues.

Episode 3 | Poetics of gender

Langston Hughes was a revered poet of the Harlem Renaissance, a period in the early 20th century in which black literature flourished. In a lyrical and poetical take on Hughes’ life, Julien invokes him as a gay and black cultural icon, as he draws parallels between a 1920s Harlem speakeasy (a bar that illegally sells alcohol) and a 1980s London nightclub.