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posted on 01/14/2014
Galciani Neves, Carolina Mendonça, Júlio Martins and Paulo Miyada address relations with the public and writing in Public Programs activities

On exhibition since November 6, 2013, the opening of the 18th edition of the Contemporary Art Festival SESC_Videobrasil, the Southern Panoramas competitive show and the 30 Years exhibition will get new readings and interpretations from four guest curators. Artist and performer Carolina Mendonça, critic and curator Galciani Neves, curator, art historian and editor Julio Martins and architect and urbanist Paulo Miyada should participate in the activities of Foco 7 - Superimposed Readings, in the Public Programs of the 18th Festival. After immersion in the Festival's exhibition content and curatorial proposals, they suggest new texts and interpretations, creating detachable subtitles, booklets, performances and even a video, as activities for activation.

The activities begin on January 16, when Galciani Neves should present Superimposed Readings. A group of some 10 artists, among them participants in the Southern Panoramas, were invited to reinterpret the works of the exhibition, creating new text to be made available in detachable blocks, dialoguing with the works and their subtitles. On the following day, January 17, five booklets in the format of the official Program of the festival, produced by Júlio Martins, will be on display on benches in the exhibition space. 4 livros à margem is an activation proposal that covers different themes, related to the universe of the guest himself and to the works and proposals of the curators. On January 18, Carolina Mendonça should present intervention Público, which brings a group of performers to promote five subtle interventions in the exhibition space, based on the variations created by the study of the body of visitors in fruition of the Southern Panoramas exhibition. On the same day, Paulo Miyada should present Mixtape: Videobrasil, a fictional video produced based on the visitation of a couple to two exhibitions, Panoramas and 30 Years, followed by a debate with the audience.



Superimposed Readings, by Galciani Neves
16.1.2014, 20h — Sesc Pompeia / Galpão e Quadra 

To promote Superimposed Readings, Galciani Neves invited a group of some 10 artists, among them participants in the Southern Panoramas, who are interested in performative practices and in the use of text as a work tool. The group was invited to take part in a process for creation of texts that dialogue with the works in the exhibition and their technical subtitles. The result of this production should be presented in the exhibition grounds, where the new subtitles will be made available as blocks of paper beside the official subtitles of the 18th Festival, creating new layers of literature/writing, available to the public for detachment and collection. The texts will be part of the exhibition for one week, adding another possibility to the perception and reading of the works.

Galciani Neves (Fortaleza, Brasil, 1978) Critic and curator. Is undergoing doctoral studies in communication and semiotics and is an undergraduate professor in visual arts and cultural production courses and a graduate professor in photography courses at FAAP.

Público, by Carolina Mendonça

17.1.2014, 17h — Sesc Pompeia / Galpão e Quadra
18.1.2014, 10h — Sesc Pompeia / Galpão e Quadra 

Público is an essay that plans to dislocate the perception of time and space, through the perspective of the audience with regard to exhibition Southern Panorama. The venue of the fair will be transformed through occupation by hired performers. The group should try to choreograph the different levels and processes of “reception”,  a complex operation as it is completely altered according to the audience’s individual capacity for interpretation of the works. Performers, at five different moments, will intercept cognition. The works will continue playing the part of issuers, and provocation of the public will be through these activators, which represent the moment at which the visitor and the works undergo an intense flow of signifiers.

Carolina Mendonça (São Paulo, Brasil, 1984) Artist, operates in the fields of performance, visual arts, theater and dance. Presented works at the Sesc Arts Exhibit (2012) and in the Quadrennial of Prague (2011).

4 livros à margem, by Júlio Martins

17.1.2014, 20h — Sesc Pompeia / Galpão e Quadra

4 livros a margem takes to viewers of Southern Panorama publications made by Júlio Martins. The proposal consists of producing five booklets with different themes, to be made available on benches in the exhibition area, awaiting consultation by the visitor/reader. They are: "Eu", which presents a particular vision of the artist in his universe regarding the exhibition; "Fronteiras", which makes use of work Teoria das Bordas, by artist Lais Myrrha – which covers the idea of frontier territories; "Inframinces", which promotes metalinguistic discourse of the expography based on relations between the works in the Sesc Pompeia; "Roteiros", whose proposition comes in the form of “maps” for visitation of the exhibition and possible forms of circulation; and "Apropriações", which brings together material like dictionary entries and images, connecting the content in the exhibition, the works and the artists. The books will be small and white, in the same format as the official Program of the 18th festival, and will be put on benches throughout Southern Panorama, with no kind of signing, strategically abandoned.

Júlio Martins (Brasília, Brasil, 1982) Curator, art historian and editor. Was the general curator of Inimá de Paula Museum (Belo Horizonte) and travelling curator of Rumos Artes Visuais 2011-2013, Instituto Itaú Cultural (São Paulo).

Mixtape: Videobrasil, by Paulo Miyada

18.1.2014, 18h — Sesc Pompeia / Galpão e Quadra

Mixtape: Videobrasil provokes the audience with new outlooks on the exhibition through the promotion of a video, language that is present throughout the history of Associação Cultural Videobrasil and of the Festival. There, Paulo Miyada creates a fictional work, presenting a series of images of a common couple visiting Southern Panoramas and 30 Years for the first time. The narrative and dialogues between the characters are activators of the debate to start after exhibition of the movie, in a proposal for critical reflection on art based on the perspective of the exhibitions themselves and relations with the public, which becomes part of this atmosphere, interacting and interpreting the environment created to activate dislocations.

Paulo Miyada (São Paulo, Brasil, 1985) Architect and urbanist, developed practical and theoretical works and audiovisual representations of cities. In 2008 he promoted documentary tododia-feira (2008).

About the 18th Festival

This 18th edition celebrates an important moment for the biennial show. The Festival, dedicated to artistic production from the geopolitical South (Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, South and Southeast Asia and Oceania) goes thirty and presents the Southern Panoramas competitive show, with works by 94 artists, and exhibition 30 Years, in the format of a great videoinstallation, with highlights of the editions promoted since 1983. During the Festival, the Public Programs are organized in eight focal points, all with special guests, both national and foreign, participating in activities in varied formats.

18th Contemporary Art Festival SESC_Videobrasil

6.11.2013 to 2.2.2014, exhibitions Southern Panoramas and 30 Years


16.1.2014, 20h — Superimposed readings, by Galciani Neves, Sesc Pompeia / Galpão e Quadra
17.1.2014, 17h  –  Público, by Carolina Mendonça, Sesc Pompeia / Galpão e Quadra
17.1.2014, 20h — 4 livros à margem, by Júlio Martins, Sesc Pompeia / Galpão e Quadra
18.1.2014, 15h — Público, by Carolina Mendonça, Sesc Pompeia / Galpão e Quadra
18.1.2014, 18h — Mixtape: Videobrasil by Paulo Miyada, Sesc Pompeia / Galpão e Quadra