São Carlos hosts first show of 18th Festival On Tour project

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posted on 05/02/2014
The exhibit at Sesc São Carlos will feature the 10 winning works of the latest Festival edition, plus a video library of over 1,000 Videobrasil Collection works. One performance and one video featuring city residents will be presented

An Orisha-worshipping transvestite and an evangelical pastor oppose one another while inhabiting the same body, on the streets of Downtown Salvador, Bahia. In Mali, flaming bodies take over an abandoned village. Family conversations retrace the formation of the State of Israel. Three examples of the myriad themes, characters, and cultures at play in the set of ten winning works from the Southern Panoramas competitive show of the 18th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil. This Tuesday, May 06, these artworks will start showing at Sesc São Carlos, which is hosting the first edition of the Festival’s On Tour program. The program will remain open until July 20.  

The exhibit will introduce local audiences to the Grand Prize-winning performance of the 18th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil, O Samba do Crioulo Doido, by Luiz de Abreu (Brazil), alongside the nine video and video installation pieces that won artist residency prizes. They are: Funfun, by Ayrson Heráclito (Brazil); Tomo,  by Bakary Diallo (Mali); My Father, by Basir Mahmood (Pakistan); We Are One, by LucFosther Diop (Cameroon); Pipe Dreams, by Ali Cherri (Lebanon); Sergio e Simone, by Virgínia de Medeiros (Brazil); The Sun Glows Over the Mountains, by Nurit Sharett (Israel); Journey to a Land Otherwise Known, by Laura Huertas Millan (Colombia); and Doméstica, by Gabriel Mascaro (Brazil) – the latter three are divided into two video programs (see service), to be screened in a special room.

The show’s opening, at 19h, will include a conversation with the audience, featuring Diego Matos, assistant curator to the Festival’s 18th edition, and David Sperling, PhD at the USP’s Institute of Architecture and Urban Studies and researcher at the Centre for Studies on Contemporary Spatiality.

Repeating the successful strategy of activation of the 18th Festival shows, the Public Programs activities will also take place during the On Tour leg in São Carlos. Performing arts director and performer Carolina Mendonça and the curator, architect and urban planner Paulo Miyada will offer an immersion into the show’s contents and the Festival’s curating proposals, suggesting new texts and interpretations, and originating new products – namely, one performance and one video featuring people selected from among the city’s residents. Both Mendonça’s and Miyada’s proposals provoke encounters and prompt reflection on the audience’s relationship with the show and the artwork, featuring São Carlos city residents – who, in the case of Mendonça’s performance, will be selected via open calls. Both have participated in Focus 7 – Superimposed Readings of the 18th Festival Public Programs, in January 2014.

To Miyada, the audience, as one of the devices contained in the exhibition space, is amenable to study, and therefore able to produce meaning. Driven by this idea, he decided that the visit of two people to the exhibition was to be contaminated by the surroundings, so that the half-fictional, half-documental video will take current affairs into consideration in the conversations between the characters. For the On Tour show at Sesc São Carlos, the video’s protagonists are being selected by Miyada from among non-actors residing in the city. The short film’s screening in São Carlos will include a chat with the director and the protagonists, on June 04, at 8 pm, at the Sesc São Carlos Theatre (the outcome of Miyada’s first production, shot in the Sesc Pompeia exhibition facilities, where the 18th edition was held, is available for viewing on VB Channel.

Audience interaction with the works on show is also the starting point for Carolina Mendonça’s intervention. Looking to investigate the possible and particular reactions of each viewer during their visits to the show, the director will call upon actors, dancers and people interested in the arts to take part in the Público performance. In São Carlos, the performance will be presented on June 05, from 5 pm to 7:45, followed by a debate with the director, at 8 pm. For additional information on the open call, click here.

In addition to engaging in Public Programs activities and viewing artwork from the 18th Festival, visitors at Sesc São Carlos will have access to the VB Video Library at computer terminals set up in the exhibition venue, featuring approximately 1,300 pieces from the Videobrasil Collection. Different computers at the same location will grant access to Channel VB, the audiovisual section of the Videobrasil website, comprising the Videobrasil on TV series programs; footage from Public Programs meetings; interviews and statements from artists, curators and guests; and behind-the-scenes features and footage from performances presented throughout the Festival’s eighteen editions.

The On Tour show of the 18th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil will remain open at Sesc São Carlos until June 20, and then moves on to Sesc Campinas, from July 29 to October 05.


What: 18th Festival On Tour in São Carlos | Winning Works
Opening and debate with local curators and researchers:
 May 06, 2014, 7pm
Opening hours:  until July 20, 2014 (Tuesdays through Fridays, from 1am to 9:30 pm, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 9:30 am to 6pm).

What: 18º Festival On Tour Public Programs in São Carlos
Mixtape: Videobrasil | a short film by Paulo Miyada: 
June 04, 8pm, Theatre
Público | a performance by Carolina Mendonça: June 05, 5pm, exhibition venue, debate: 8pm, Theatre

What: Video programs
Program 01|The Sun Glows Over the Mountains, by Nurit Sharett (53 min),  and Journey to a Land Otherwise Known, by Laura Huertas Millán (22 min
): Tuesdays through Fridays, at 1pm, 3:40pm and 6:20pm. Saturdays, Sunday s and holidays, at 9:30am, 12:10pm and 2:50pm.
Program 02| Doméstica, by Gabriel Mascaro (75 min): Tuesdays through Fridays, at 14:20pm, 5pm and 7:40pm. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 10:50am, 1:30pm and 5:10pm.

Sesc São Carlos: Av. Com. Alfredo Maffei, 700, São Carlos/SP
(group scheduling: agendamento@scarlos.sescsp.org.br)

Admittance is free