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posted on 12/15/2016
Natural persons and legal entities can donate part of their Income Tax due next year. Be a Videobrasil supporter and friend and help maintain Galpão VB’s facilities, activities, and projects

Associação Cultural Videobrasil is a non-profit organization established 33 years ago. It relies on partnership and support from other organizations and companies to hold an international contemporary art festival every two years; maintain the Videobrasil Collection—the largest video art collection in Latin America today—through restoration, conservation, research, dissemination, and activation actions; create exhibitions and travelling shows; produce publications on contemporary art and culture; support film and documentary-making; and foster artist residency programs.

With the opening of its Galpão VB venue in 2015, Videobrasil now maintains a brick-and-mortar space designed to permanently activate its collection’s artworks, featuring a packed schedule of exhibitions and public program activities including seminars, courses, workshops, book launches, and film premieres.

We need your support and contribution in order to maintain Galpão VB’s facilities and activities throughout 2017.

Associação Cultural Videobrasil’s Annual Action Plan has been approved under Brazil’s Federal Culture Incentive Law—aka the Rouanet Law. This means we are eligible to receive funds from natural persons and legal entities anywhere in Brazil. Those funds will be deducted from donors’ income taxes the following year.

Natural person (income tax payer)

  • Deduction of 100% of donated amount, up to a maximum of 6% of total income tax due each fiscal year.

Example: A natural person due to pay BRL 10,000 in tax can donate up to BRL 600 to support Videobrasil’s activities

Note: The donation option is available for statements made using the full-fledged Federal Revenue form

Legal entity

  • Deduction of 100% of donated amount, up to a maximum of 4% of total income tax due each fiscal year.

Example: A legal entity due to pay BRL 100,000 in income tax can donate up to BRL 4,000 to support Videobrasil’s activities


  • After estimating your income tax due the current year, you can deposit or wire your donation (while observing the stipulated limits for natural persons and legal entities) to an account indicated by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and managed by Associação Cultural Videobrasil:

PRONAC 158715
Banco do Brasil
Branch: 15725
Account Number: 000000233781

  • The donated amount will be fully deducted from your next Income Tax.


  • December 30, 2016


  • After making the deposit or wire transfer, get in touch with Videobrasil at to report your donation.
  • Videobrasil will issue a Patronage Receipt whereby your donation will be added to our books.
  • Next year, include the donated amount in your Income Tax for the fiscal year of 2016 and attach your Patronage Receipt to your statement.

For our Annual Action Plan and additional information, please write to