1st Videobrasil Dance Season – a new partnership project with VERBO

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posted on 12/16/2016
Announcement of Videobrasil’s partnership with Galeria Vermelho’s VERBO 2017 performance exhibition

VERBO 2017, the performance art exhibition slated for July 10 to 15, will be the first-ever edition held in partnership with Associação Cultural Videobrasil. Highlights will include Brazilian and foreign artists, the 1st Videobrasil Dance Season project launch, and a curated program featuring all-Videobrasil Collection videos at Galeria Vermelho’s Sala Antônio room. Also featured will be a new edition of seminar Verbo Conjugado (Conjugated Verb), with creation and discussion workshops on performance art.

VERBO, the performance art exhibition, will be accepting project submissions through March 1, 2017. For this edition, project selection will be entrusted to the show’s art director Marcos Gallon, Videobrasil institutional and programming director Thereza Farkas, and artist Carolina Mendonça.

Artists looking to enter can email their project, a portfolio, and a resume to verbo@galeriavermelho.com.br. Each artist may enter up to 3 performance projects, previously shown or otherwise.

The committee is also tasked with appointing an artist or group to create a previously unseen choreographed piece under commission for the 1st Videobrasil Dance Season. A cross-disciplinary effort, the project is intended to connect dancing, performance, and the visual arts. To this end, the committee will name an artist or group to research and immerse into the Videobrasil video collection before creating and presenting a piece of choreography at Galpão VB as part of the VERBO 2017 program.

Find out more: verbo@galeriavermelho.com.br

1st Videobrasil Dance Season

The 1st Videobrasil Dance Season ratifies the Associação Cultural Videobrasil headquarters Galpão VB’s status as an activation space for its Historical Collection—a landmark archive in the making since 1983, featuring over 4,500 video artworks, recorded performances, artist films, and publications on the far-reaching contemporary context of the Global South.

Considering the contemporary notion of archive as living organism, the project invites a young choreographer to research and immerse themselves in the contents of the Videobrasil Historical Collection, and then create a brand new piece of work incorporating items from the collection, thereby enabling the verticalization of connections between the archive, the body, and choreography.

Featuring a cross-disciplinary format, and building ties between dancing and the visual arts, the program will select an artist for its first-ever edition by nomination from the participating curators: artist Carolina Mendonça and Marcos Gallon, VERBO's artistic director. Besides building new avenues for dialogue between two languages, this project looks to broaden the demographic range of access to the contemporary art production.

The artist nominated will be able to rely on Associação Cultural Videobrasil’s Collection team throughout their research work, plus BRL 14,000 (gross) to roll out their project. The chosen artist will be announced in early March, 2017, along with the shortlist of artists’ projects for the VERBO performance art exhibit. The VERBO 2017 program Season schedule is as follows: research, creation and rehearsal in April and June; and presentations in July 2017, at Galpão VB.