Solange Farkas nominated for international prize

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posted on 05/16/2017
Associação Cultural Videobrasil’s founder is recognized by Montblanc’s award for her work of visual arts patronage


Solange Farkas, Videobrasil’s general director and curator, is one of the nominees to the Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award, which supports initiatives for cultural patronage. The award, which comes to its 26th edition encompassing 17 countries, acknowledges the work of patrons that stand out for their passion and commitment with the fields of art and culture.

The event will be held in Brazil for the second time. In 2016, the award was granted to Cine Tela Brasil, a project by the directors Laís Bodanzky and Luiz Bolognesi that has promoted free film exhibitions for over 1.3 million people. This year, the finalists are the TV host Luciano Huck, for his work with Instituto Criar de TV, Cinema e Novas Mídias; the entrepreneur Ricardo Brennand, creator of Instituto Brennand, one of the main centers for the visual arts in Recife; and Solange Farkas, embodying Videobrasil’s thirty-year plus trajectory.

Farkas directs the Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil since its first edition, in 1983. In 1991, she founded Associação Cultural Videobrasil to institutionally shelter the growing collection of works and publications assembled on the Festival. The consistent and sustained work has led to the inauguration of Galpão VB in 2015, opening to the public the Videobrasil Historical Collection—through exhibitions, public programs, its reading room and video library—today one of the main safekeepers of the videographic memory of the geopolitical South.

The ceremony will be held this October in São Paulo.