Videobrasil for Democracy

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posted on 10/11/2018
The institution’s stance on the second round of the 2018 presidential elections

Videobrasil was created in 1983 in the midst of the struggle for the redemocratization of Brazil, when the dictatorship installed by the military coup of 1964 gave away signs of its weakening. Still, the first five editions of the festival had to be submitted to prior censorship, which restricted not only political opinions but also works that addressed issues of gender and behavior.

It is with great concern that we see, in 2018, the return of a concrete threat of institutionalization of an authoritarian agenda in the country. Just as it happened 35 years ago, this authoritarianism targets both political, sexual and racial dissidents, and seeks to transform artists and intellectuals into public enemies.

We believe that, at this moment, it is imperative that all people and institutions that foster democracy, human rights and artistic freedom manifest themselves in some way. Videobrasil thus comes forward to reaffirm its values, and to invite the entire artistic community to do the same. We are also available to talk to groups that need space or institutional support for meetings or activities in favor of democracy.

It is with solidarity and imagination that we will stride forward, braving hatred, intolerance and fear.