Visual artist. He works mainly with installation, but also with sculpture, video and performance, addressing the accumulation of different objects, while at the same time seeking social and political engagement, often through the direct or indirect participation of the public in the creative process. Most of the objects used come from the world of construction or our everyday life, such as cement blocks, corrugated iron sheets, wood, grout tubes and reinforcement baskets, car tires, tins, buckets, cages, lamps, straps, chairs and toilet bowls. His work has been shown at such biennials as Curitiba (2011), Del Sur (2013), Havana (2015) and Moscow (2017); and in exhibits at the Amsterdam Museum, Netherlands (2020); Queens Museum of Art, New York, USA (2012); among others. He has won awards and grants from the Mondriaan Fund, Museum Het Domein and the government of Curaçao. He lives in Willemstad.