A multimedia artist, he works as a video maker, photographer, poet, graphic designer, film, TV and advertising producer and director. Jungle began experimenting with video in 1974 and was a part of what Arlindo Machado dubbed the independent video generation, comprising authors who had recently graduated from universities in the early 1980s. Alongside colleagues from the University of São Paulo’s School of Communication and Arts (ECA-USP), he established the group TVDO, marked by an anarchic spirit, with which he created video installations and experimental videos that won prizes in the first five editions of Videobrasil. In 1986, he founded the first video school in the country, Academia Brasileira de Vídeo. The holder of a Master’s in Art and TV from California’s San Francisco State University, he won several prizes for his videos in competitive shows in the United States, Europe and Latin America. Currently, he is a partner of production company Academia de Filmes.  He recently directed fiction feature film Amanhã Nunca Mais (Tomorrow Never More, 2011) and the documentary Evoé, Retrato de um Antropófago (Evoé, Portrait of an Anthropophagist, 2011), about the playwright Zé Celso Martinez Correa. On TV, he co-directed the musical Mocidade Independente (TV Bandeirantes) with Nelson Motta and presented Fábrica do Som (TV Cultura), among several other projects.