Artist working primarily in the field of the performing arts. Her projects include choreographic pieces, performances, installations and printed publications. Her work questions the relationship between creation, work and production’s reduction to reproduction. Her pieces have been featured at several institutions and exhibitions such as the Neu/Now Festival, Porto (2012); Smash Lab, London (2012); São Paulo’s Museum of Image and Sound (2013); Centro Cultural São Paulo (2013 and 2014); Sesc Dance Biennale, Santos (2013); and NAVE, Santiago (2016). She has been granted such awards as Rumos Dança 2012–2014 and New Choreographers – New Creations: Site-Specific 2013. Saccheli has collaborated as a performer in projects carried out by Eszter Salamon, Tino Sehgal, Cláudia Müller, João dos Santos Martins and William Pope.L. She lives and works in São Paulo.