Visual artist, with a master's degree from the Institut National des Beaux-Arts, Tetouan, and from the Moulay Ismail University, Mequinez. Through video, photography and installation, he produces works marked by both personal history and collective narratives. Collaborating with scientists, citizens and activists, especially in the Sahara region in southern Morocco, he presents research centered around three major topics: the right to oblivion, visceral narratives and the trauma of anticipation. He participated in the 5th Mardin Biennial, Turkey (2022); the 13th Dakar Biennale, Senegal (2018); the 11th African Biennale of Photography – Rencontres de Bamako, Mali (2017); and in exhibitions at the Fondation Boghossian, Belgium (2018); and at SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin, Germany (2017). He lives between Bojador, Rabat and Lons-le-Saunier.