Visual artist graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague. Her sculptures, made with multiple materials, address the idea of contrast on different spectrums: between the natural and technological worlds; the material and symbolic plane; contemporary art and the production considered traditional and folkloric; the world today and ancient peoples from different regions of the world. Her ethnographic and historical study is not merely an exploratory expedition, but a quest to find new possibilities for sensations and spirituality in art. Her recent exhibitions include solo shows at the hunt kastner, Prague, Czechia (2022); Pedro Cera Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal (2021); and Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris, France (2018); she was featured in group shows at Q Contemporary, Budapest, Hungary (2022); Art Encounters Biennial, Timisoara, Romania (2021); K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong (2021), among others. She lives in Klučov, Czechia.