Visual artist and filmmaker.  He holds a BA in Cinema Studies and an MA in Art and Technology from the University of Brasilia, and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He participated in collective groups such as Espaço AVI, Kinofogo Cineclube, and NINHO - Collective for Research in Art, Interactivity, and Agroecology. His works, in film, installation, sculpture, and performance, speculates about symbiotic, queer, and anticolonial futures. striving to blur the separations between city, countryside, and forest through fiction. Envisioning syntropic environments and multispecies alliances, his practice combines storytelling with restorative agriculture, composting, and fungiculture. His short films have been screened at festivals such as Queer Lisboa, Portugal (2022); Kinoforum, São Paulo (2021); and Experimental Bogotá, Colombia (2020). He participated in group shows at Caixa Cultural de Brasília (2020); and FILE – Electronic Language International Festival, São Paulo (2018); and a solo show at the Brasília Digital TV Tower (2019), for which he received the Frankenthaler Climate Art Award (2022). He lives between Alto Paraíso de Goiás and Los Angeles, where he is a visiting artist at The Metabolic Studio.