Artist collective. Sada, which means “echo” in Arabic, was devised by Iraqi artist Rijin Sahakian in 2011 to support Baghdad-based artists facing the damage done to Iraq's art and education infrastructure following cycles of war, sanctions, occupations and continued political insecurity. From a rented classroom on the bank of a river to a studio run by the artists themselves, participants gathered and participated in an education program and production of seminars, discussions and workshops, virtually and in person, creating support networks during this period that transformed living conditions in the country. In 2015, the collective officially ended its activities. In 2022, Sajjad Abbas, Bassim Al Shaker, Ali Eyal, Sarah Munaf and Rijin Sahakian regrouped as Sada [regroup] to make an anthology video, featured in the documenta 15, Kassel, Germany (2022). They live in Baghdad.