A visual artist, he holds a master’s degree in Performing Arts from DasArts, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2005. His productions straddle video, installation, performance, multimedia art, objects and printing. He addresses the fragile geopolitical scenario in Lebanon and neighboring countries, with frequent reflection about the sublime dimension of catastrophe. Through historical and personal accounts, he explores a violence which the political realm has yet to elaborate, or violence not connected to any particular individual, as he looks into the boundaries between real and virtual, physical and digital. His works circulate in the art scene and film festivals, and have been shown at the Helsinki Photography Biennial, Finland (2014); Tate Modern, London, United Kingdom (2013); Home Works 6, Beirut, Lebanon (2013); Berlinale Film Festival, Berlin, Germany (2013); the Toronto International Film Festival, Canada (2012 and 2013); Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA (2012); Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France (2011); Contemporary Image Collective, Cairo, Egypt (2009); 52nd Venice Biennial, Italy (2007); Manifesta, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2005); and others. Ali Cherri lives and works between Beirut and Paris.