An artist collective founded by Anjalika Sagar (London, 1968) and Kodwo Eshun (Ghana, 1967), The Otolith Group combines artistic practices with various public platforms. The group is active in curatorial programming, publications, and in supporting artists’ productions, actively exploring theory, practice, and contemporary art exhibitions. It works primarily with two notions: “tricontinentalism” and the "public counter-sphere.” The former term designates the state of mind of people who live between different cultures, from different continents, like the children and grandchildren of immigrants in Europe; the latter term concerns the idea of building an alternative space for debate and sharing. Nationally and internationally, the group has been called upon to develop their research, audiovisual artworks, installations and publications at a wide range of museums, foundations and private organizations. They were nominated for the Turner Prize in 2010. The group is currently based in London.