Musician and music producer. He works on interdisciplinary musical projects marked by experimentation. In the 1990s, he founded MC2 Studio, where he creates soundtracks for films, videos, ballets, installations and multimedia performances. His earlier CDs combined music and sound treatment with readings of poems like Poesia é risco (1995) and Ouvindo Oswald (1999) – both made in collaboration with his father, Augusto de Campos. In No Lago do Olho (2001), the first album featuring exclusively his own compositions, he took the poetry-music experiment with Augusto de Campos a step further, leading into his second solo album, Fala da Palavra (2004). In 2004, he also created the multimedia performance Poemix BR, featuring poets Arnaldo Antunes, Walter Silveira, Lenora de Barros and João Bandeira and videomaker Grima Grimaldi. In 2009, he released the children’s CD Crianças Crionças, along with a poetical-musical-theatrical show. Apart from his verbivocovisual (verbalvocalvisual) performances, he has been creating lesson-shows and work-shows using cutting-edge technology, including Poemúsica (2010), alongside Augusto de Campos and Adriana Calcanhotto. Lives and works in São Paulo.