Director, screenwriter and writer. Graduated in Journalism from Cásper Líbero College and holds a master’s degree in Sciences of Communication from the School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo. As a screenwriter and video director, she has featured in several national and international festivals and shows. Her videos are distributed abroad by the United States-based Women Make Movies and by the Canada-based Groupe Intervention Vidéo. She participated in the cultural exchange program La Traversée des Frontières, having travelled to different cities in Canada, in 1988. She lived in Canada in 1992 e 1993, where she gave workshops and made experimental videos. She co-directed the series Feminino Plural, aired on TV Cultura São Paulo in 1987, and was the assistant producer to the series Sob o Céu de Brasília, aired on TV Nacional in 1983. From 1986 to 2002 she was a partner at production company Luares Produções e Comunicações.