Artist and poet, graduated in linguistics from the University of São Paulo. Deeply influenced by concretism, Lenora’s first experiences, in the mid-1970s, stemmed from the word and photoperformance. The following decade, her interest in creating meaning by confronting different languages leads to her experiments with video, graphic design, performance, photography, sound installation and object construction, incorporating procedures from pop art, body art, and conceptual art. She has exhibited at institutions such as São Paulo’s Museum of Modern Art (2013); the 11th Lyon Biennale (2011); the 7th Mercosul Biennale, Porto Alegre (2009); and the 17th and the 24th São Paulo International Biennale (1983 and 1998). Her work is part of collections in institutions such as Daros Latinamerica, in Zurich and Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo’s Museum of Modern Art. She lives and works in São Paulo.