Architect, founder and partner at architecture firm Elito Arquitetos Associados. Graduated from Mackenzie Presbyterian University in 1971. Alongside Lina Bo Bardi, he planned the restoration of Teatro Oficina (1980/1984). He designed SESC Santo Amaro (2007), the Theater of Colégio Santa Cruz (2002), among others. His recent Paraisópolis Urbanization Project (2012) won 2nd place at the 2012 Global Holcim Awards and Selo Casa Azul (Blue House Seal) from Brazil’s Federal Savings Bank – the first Habitação de Interesse Social (HIS – Social Interest Housing) project ever to be awarded the seal. He was responsible for the restoration of the Municipal Astrophysics School in 2008, alongside Joana Fernandes Elito and Cristiane Otsuka Takiy. In 1982 and 1983 he organized the Teatro Oficina video center, and there he made the videos Abra a Jaula, with Goffredo Teles Neto, and Caderneta de Campo, with Catherine Hirsch, Noilton Nunes and José Celso Martinez Correa. Lives and works in São Paulo.