Fine artist, filmmaker and composer. Holds a degree in Cinema from the School of Communication and Arts of the University of São Paulo - ECA-USP (1976-1980), and has exhibited at major museums, cultural institutions and art galleries in Brazil and abroad. His work has been featured in exhibitions at the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art - MAM, the São Paulo Museum of Art - MASP, the Contemporary Art Museum of the University of São Paulo - MAC USP, Mariantonia University Center, São Paulo Cultural Center - CCBB, the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro - MAM-RJ, and galleries such as the Sycomore Art Paris, among others. His short and medium-length experimental films and videos have been shown in exhibitions and festivals in several capital cities, and include Outono de Bashô (1994), in partnership with Guto Araujo; Bólide-Filme (1995); Exposto nº 2 (1997); The Right Number (2001), with Guto Araujo; Três Caras e um Matagal (2001), with Alexandre Boechat and Guto Araujo; Luz Negra (2001), with Nuno Ramos; Pensamento Selvagem (2002), with Alexandre Boechat; Duas Horas (2003), with Nuno Ramos e Casco (2004), with Nuno Ramos and Gustavo Moura.