Curriculum Vitae Marcus Bastos, 30/10/2013

Main Curatorships


Noise on Video, Itaú Cultural Institute (Belo Horizonte and Belém).


What a situation, huh, Debord?, at Bank of Brasil Culture Centre (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro).


VIVO – International Festival Internacional of Art in Mobile Media (that happens in Belo Horizonte with itinerancy in São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Salvador, Goiânia e Belém).


Cellular Geographies, at Telefonica Foundation Institute (Buenos Aires and Lima).

Main Works

2002 – Weblandscape0, with Giselle Beiguelman and Rafael Marchetti (nominated for the ://international/media/art/award at the ZKM, Germany).

2004 – mobil_izing, with Feverish Laziness (comissioned for the exhibition SONARAMA, at Tomie Othake Institute).

2005 – No Plata dot Us, with Feverish Laziness (launched at Occupation, in Paço das Artes, and exhibited at FILE – International Festival of Electronic Languages).

2006 – Shapeless Interface (awarded at FIAT Mostra Brasil and exhibited at CTRL+C CRTL+V, at Sesc-Pompéia).

2006 – Free Radicals (exhibited in several festivals in Brasil and the world, including VideoBrasil Electronic Arts Biennial, Cinema and Human Rights, and Between Documentary and Experimentation, at Centre Georges-Pompidou).

2008 – absences, with Telemusik (presented at the Mercosul Biennial, at LIVE CINEMA Festival and several galleries and cultural institutions).

2009 – coexistences, with LAT-23 (nominated for the “Autonomias del Desarollo”, at the Transitio_MX Festival, in Mexico).

2009 – fluxes, with Telemusik (comissioned for the Listen, Dance exhibition / 40th anniversary of Paço das Artes).

2010 – she, lonely, thinks of that (launched at SESC Arts Circuit).

2010 – Visible Cities, with LAT-23 (Rumos Itaú Cultural Expanded Languages Program).

2011 – Giuseppe, etc (launched at SESC Arts Show).

2012 – HO: city lights (commissioned by ProAC for itinerancy in Botucatu, Santos and Salto).