Sharing a common geopolitical status, the artists shortlisted for the Trânsitos Improváveis (Unlikely Transits) show boast a unique creative vitality. Their contaminations fuel practices and investigations which can give rise to renewed readings and forms for art to circulate, transcending the official scene and feeding into other areas, and ultimately leading to the expansion of visual arts critique and history.

Here, pieces which aim to chart out and comprehend the subjective, recreating meanings for affections and personal memories, conversing with artworks that either summon up dilemmas from the public sphere or question social history, such as Unforgettable Memory, by the Chinese artist Liu Wei, or Machines for Living, by the Polish-American duo Marek Ranis and Jonathan Case. Other works, such as Round and Round and Consumed by Fire, by Bolivia’s Claudia Joskowicz, change our gaze and set forth new visions, paving the way for experimentation and risk to impose themselves upon artistic perception.

Originally a part of the Southern Panoramas show, held during the 17th International Contemporary Art Festival SESC_Videobrasil, these diverse narratives take on new arrangements and readings in the curated program. Covering the four different sections of Southern Panoramas – Cartographies of Affection, Nature and Culture, Political Landscapes, and Seeing Machines –, the show portrays the unlikely transits of artists from this vast geopolitical South of the world.