Marina Abs (1962-2002) was one of the most enthusiastic exponents of the first generation of Brazilian independent video, with a talent to create fine experimental works and a perception to distinguish and register important artistic and political manifestations in the 1980’s. Began her career in video after exploring super-8 and photography. Graduated in Radio and TV from the FAAP-SP, worked with the Olhar Eletrônico production company, directed shows in Rede Globo/Fundação Roberto Marinho and was a direction assistant in advertising films while created her videos, which were constantly present in the first editions of Videobrasil. In 1988 moved to the United States, where got a master’s degree in Cinema from the New York University and directed clips, TV and documentaries, before beginning to elaborate the project of her first full-length film, “Memórias do Futuro”. The Brazil-United States co-production, which Marina used to describe as “a contemporary mythic adventure that starts in São Paulo and continues until Himalaia”, was about to be carried out when the director died of a rare disease in July 2002.