This piece follows a man as he crosses a river in high tide. The video features a substantial reduction in color saturation – rendering images close to black and white – in a sequence shot, with no changes to image speed. The real-time action, however, is not to be confused with the pretension of objectively recording the facts. The stationary camera precariously frames up the character, all but obliterating his status as the scene’s protagonist. Moreover, the noisy audio denounces the presence of the sound capturing device, a relevant piece of equipment to the artist’s image and sound composition. Finally, the exposure of the pixels that form the image drives viewers to retreat; before them, a landscape that has yet to organize itself only insinuates itself. This video is part of the Videorizomas series, initiated in the early 2000s, in which the artist mails videos identified only by a numerical sequence, with no sender information, to randomly chosen recipients, making it impossible for them to recognize the origin.