Defined as a video poem, this short film by the artist and filmmaker overreaches and qualifies the video language explored in Brazil since the 1970s, but more notably so from the 1980s on. Dissociating itself from the often informative and chaotic hyperrealist perspective that marked video productions at that time, the author conflates the literary work of Poland’s Zbigniew Herbert with images of sculptures by Sérgio Camargo. Therefore, this study integrates three creative compositions into new forms of sensitive movement: the verbalized poetical text, modern sculpture, and the action of an artist. Featuring photography by Walter Carvalho, a strong melodic soundtrack, excerpts from two poems and an experimental aesthetical exercise in video, the author illustrates universalizing aspects of art typical of historical avant-gardes, like the notions of incompleteness, openness and imponderability, and the subversion of the notion of a set space and time. The richness of the modern debate about the notion of object is one of the key themes of this piece, and one that is extremely dear to the comprehension of the material paths of contemporary art in Brazil.