Complementary technical description

curator - Solange Farkas 

coordination - Marco Del Fiol 

art direction - Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain 

animation - Cristiane Delfina 

music - Cacá Machado and Marcos Azambuja

research - Carlen Bischain 

production - Alita Mariah, Cristina Abi, Loren Novoa and Marina Pessoa 

executive production - Ana Pato 

cinema and video editing - Marcio Canella and Marco Del Fiol 

mastering - Arvato Digital Services Brazil 

authoring - Arvato Digital Services Brazil and Mão Esquerda 

production - Associação Cultural Videobrasil 

Presentation text 2005

Antologia Videobrasil de Performances

The exhibition and DVD of the same name, an Associação Cultural Videobrasil release, unites eighteen performances either commissioned or exhibited by the Festival between 1992 and 2003. The course they plot begins with Fausto Fawcett’s transposition of Copacabana onto a small stage at SESC Pompéia and continues through to Luiz Duva’s live manipulation of images in a re-reading of “Marca Registrada” by the video art pioneer Letícia Parente. Waly Salomão and Carlos Nader construct the orgiastic happening “Bestiário Masculino-Feminino”; the Argentine Marcello Mercado makes a political statement on the body and vigilance in “Politik”; and the French duo Denis and Jérôme Lefdup stage a grandiose commentary on Internet culture in “Home of the Page.” Chelpa Ferro, by members Luiz Zerbini, Barrão, Sergio Mekler, and Chico Neves, makes its first presentation, while Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain investigate the reverberations of the graphic work within its environment, and artist Eder Santos uses TV cameras to create scenarios and scenes in three works from the 1990s. Varied in their intent and nature, what these performances have in common is their relationship with video–that fundament that records and comments.

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