Artist's text Rodrigo Minelli, 2003

Matter of Dreams is an attempt to revive a great friend, Emílio Belletti, who did, for all of us from the group Feito à Mãos, what we intended to do in this project, which in fact was named after him, Emílio Belletti Award: to stimulate people to think, to create and to help others to create... And for me, Matter of Dreams is a great example of what Emilio used to do for us, making it possible for people to research, develop, produce something in a collective way, with little or no financial resources, without any sponsors or the support of the government, but only driven by the will to do it. We tried to make this possible, for the people who didn´t get to know Emilio. People who want and know how to create, and also want to help others who wish to learn how to make, create, produce a piece of work, and I think that´s what Matter of Dreams is.

Associação Cultural Videobrasil. 14th Videobrasil CD-ROM, São Paulo, 2003.