Gabriel Priolli & Solange Farkas on Metrópolis show | 6th Festival

Interview on TV Cultura show about the changes for the upcoming edition of the Festival, and the new phase of professionalization in video

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October 1st, 1989 | 7th Festival

On the 6th day of the Festival, Videojornal showed excerpts from competitive show works commented by their authors. One of the highlights was A paixão segundo Bruce, by Luiz Duva

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August 07, 1988 | 6th Festival

Video makers and "video maniacs" were the highlights in the 5th day of the program. The seccion "Recordar é viver" (to reminisce is to live) featured a statement from the awarded artist Pedro Vieira

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August 06, 1988 | 6th Festival

On its 3rd day, Videojornal recorded the impressions of producers and the audience, including the artists Walter Silveira and Marcelo Masagão. The program also featured the authors if the award-winning Video Noir

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