Abdoulaye Konaté: Composition and Colors | Teaser

Abdoulaye Konaté visiting Sao Paulo. Teaser of the documentary directed by Juliano Ribeiro Salgado

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Cao Guimarães | 13rd Festival

According to the artist, which featured two pieces at the 2001 competitive show, his works are based on error, on the experience of randomness, and on the contingencies of the world


Akram Zaatari | 11st Festival

Interview with the Lebanese artist shortlisted for the 1996 competitive show. Zaatari explains the use of images in different contexts in his work, and elaborates on the conditions for production in Lebanon


Rob Rombout | 10th Festival

The Netherlands’ Rob Rombout expounds on his reasons for making documentaries. More than portraying facts, his intention is to put forth a poetic view of reality, to convert the ordinary into extraordinary


Eduardo Coutinho | 9th Festival

The filmmaker presents his perspectives on video and documentary in Brazil, discusses the notion of authorship, and television productions


Event’s coverage on TV Cultura | 10th Festival

The 1994 Festival coverage presents the competitive show figures: 239 video submissions, 27 shortlisted, and the winners were Janaúba, Diástole, Tereza, and Captain Cardozo

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September 26, 1989 | 7th Festival

Pedro Vieira directed the 2nd Videojornal series, in 1989. The 1st day focused on the early stages of the Festival's internationalization, featuring the guest John Wyver

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October 1st, 1989 | 7th Festival

On the 6th day of the Festival, Videojornal showed excerpts from competitive show works commented by their authors. One of the highlights was A paixão segundo Bruce, by Luiz Duva

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September 29, 1989 | 7th Festival

The 4th day of Videojornal focused on side events, featuring footage of the video installations and the French show highlights, Marcelo Machado introduced the international guests at the Meeting

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