Awards | 19th Festival

Video featuring statements from the 19th Festival award jury members, award ceremony highlights and brief statements from the eleven artists who won a Grand Prize in cash, nine residency prizes and a special prize

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September 26, 1989 | 7th Festival

Pedro Vieira directed the 2nd Videojornal series, in 1989. The 1st day focused on the early stages of the Festival's internationalization, featuring the guest John Wyver

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Gabriel Priolli & Solange Farkas on Metrópolis show | 6th Festival

Interview on TV Cultura show about the changes for the upcoming edition of the Festival, and the new phase of professionalization in video

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September 30, 1989 | 7th Festival

On the 5th day of the Festival, Videojornal let the audience voice their impressions of the shows, and interviewed national and international producers like Roberto Berliner and Rod Stoneman (Channel 4)

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September 29, 1989 | 7th Festival

The 4th day of Videojornal focused on side events, featuring footage of the video installations and the French show highlights, Marcelo Machado introduced the international guests at the Meeting

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Solange Farkas on Dia news program | 6th Festival

Interview granted to film critic Edmar Pereira on TV Cultura’s news program, in 1988

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Closing and Award Ceremony | 1st Festival

Festival’s closing meeting, held on August 14, 1983 at the museum (audio ceded by MIS-SP Collection)

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