Pablo Lafuente | 18th Festival

The critic and curator talks about his experience on the jury of the 18th Festival


Yolanda Wood | 18th Festival

The art historian recounts her experience as a jury member at the 18th Festival


Rifky Effendy | 18th Festival

The Indonesian curator – a juror for the 18th Festival – gives his impressions on the works shown


Koyo Kouoh | 18th Festival

The curator discusses the event’s underlying concepts, and her participation as a jury member at the 18th Festival


Cristiana Tejo | 18th Festival

The president of the 2013 Southern Panoramas show jury discusses the quality of the productions featured, the criteria for artwork selection, and the scenario this program reveals


September 26, 1989 | 7th Festival

Pedro Vieira directed the 2nd Videojornal series, in 1989. The 1st day focused on the early stages of the Festival's internationalization, featuring the guest John Wyver

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Closing and Award Ceremony | 1st Festival

Festival’s closing meeting, held on August 14, 1983 at the museum (audio ceded by MIS-SP Collection)

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