Pan-African Contemporary Art Exhibition (2005)

Documentary directed by Edu Abad for MOPAAC - Pan-African Contemporary Art Exhibition, which took place at MAM in Bahia in 2005, curated by Solange Farkas.

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Diego Matos on "Into thin air into the ground" (2013), by Haig Aivazian

The researcher and independent curator analyzes the video by Haig Aivazian

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Rosely Nakagawa Matuck on "Myxomatosis" (2008), by Solon Ribeiro

The curator analyzes the video by Solon Ribeiro

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Nicolas Soares on "Insight" (2012) by Sebastián Díaz Morales

The artist and curator analyzes the video by Sebastián Díaz Morales

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Eduardo de Jesus on "Parallel" (2017) by Jiwon Choi

The professor and curator analyzes the work of the Korean artist

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Alejandra Muñoz on "1978 - Cidade Submersa" (2010), by Caetano Dias

Alejandra Muñoz, architect, curator and art critic, comments on the work 1978 - Cidade Submersa (2010), by Caetano Dias.

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Raphael Fonseca talks about "Fora [do ar] - Kit para terceiros socorros" (2004), by Raquel Stolf

The curator analyzes the work of the artist from Santa Catarina state Raquel Stolf

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Aykan Safoğlu | 21st Biennial

The artist talks about his work OFF-WHITE TULIPS, exhibited in the 21st Contemporary Art Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil


Sabrina Moura talks about "Amérika: bahia de las flechas" (2016), by Ana Vaz

Curator and art historian Sabrina Moura comments on the video "Amérika: bahía de las flechas” "(2016), by Brazilian artist Ana Vaz

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Renée Akitelek Mboya talks about "Tomo" (2012), by Bakary Diallo

A escritora e curadora Renée Akitelek Mboya fala sobre "Tomo" (2012), de Bakary Diallo.

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