Solange Farkas, Fernanda Feitosa, and Gabriel Bogossian | SP-Arte at Galpão VB

On the SP-Arte at Galpão VB project and the exhibition When I die I will take nothing, those who owe me I will charge in hell


Carlos Nader, Eduardo de Jesus and Solange Farkas | Tomorrow Everything Will Be Alright

Conversation revolving around Lebanese presence in art-making and the art scene in Brazil which was held on the occasion of the launch of the book on Tomorrow Everything Will Be Alright

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Southern Observatory | Session 04: Regionalisms and Decenterings | 19th Festival

On August 22, the final Southern Observatory session dealt with perspectives of art circulation informed by a critical regionalism

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Those born for adventure don’t stray from the path | Parallel Exhibition, 19th Festival

An overview of the parallel show featuring images of the artworks, venue tours and statements from Solange Farkas, Priscila Arantes and Diego Matos

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Selected Works | 19th Festival

An overview of the 19th Festival’s selected works exhibit at Sesc Pompeia’s Convivência area. The artwork and curatorial concepts are presented by the four guest curators of this edition of the Festival.

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Commissioned Projects | 19th Festival

Making-of and statements by the upcoming artists participating in the Festival’s first exhibit of commissioned artworks. The artworks and the creative processes are presented by the authors and by the 19th Festival’s guest curators

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Rethinking Traditions: Art, Gesture and Contemporaneity | Seminar | 19th Festival

Register of the first panel of the seminar (org.: Sabrina Moura), featuring artists Abdoulaye Konaté (Mali) and Roy Dib (Lebanon), and curators N’Goné Fall (Senegal) and Júlia Rebouças (Brazil)

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Guest Artists | 19th Festival

Statements from the artists featured in the 19th Festival’s Southern Panoramas | Guest Artists exhibit, with speeches from the show’s curators

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